Spring Branch Independent School District

I work with a team of teachers (four others) and we want students to gain greater insight on the planet Mars by researching the atmosphere and surface of to discover challenges for human survival on the planet. Our big rocks are for students to collaborate & problem-solve with peers across the globe to build a community of future Mars residents. And have opportunities to visit sites that house designers & builders of space rockets; they’ll participate in discussion and questioning sessions with experts. A select group of students have access to one NASA doctor to ask questions about the effects of space on the human body. He has committed to being available to them in the future. Moving this project forward while meeting state and local district curriculum and testing demands limits the time and genuine interest in pursuing this area of study.

  1. Is this a viable and worthwhile project to dedicate school time and resources in our pursuit to get to Mars? 
  2. How would you propose this project to a school district that does not currently support non-traditional instruction and teacher flexibility in experimentation? 
  3. How can you 'plus' this idea? (improve, provide suggestions, add, etc.)