Scarsdale High School

While working with the Teachers Guild challenge on STEM I focused on creating simple ways to incorporate more experimentation into my classroom. I created the Collaborative Tinkering Toolkit, which focuses on shifting mindsets. One of my biggest challenges is culture. How might I shift the culture of my district to accept that failing forward, exploratory and playful learning accomplishes both rigor and wellness? I'm from a wonderful district that values rigorous academic learning, and has been successful, in the traditional sense, for many, many years. However, over the last few years our issues around student (and teacher) wellness have become abundantly clear; we need to do something. Students are not sleeping well and focus on "doing school" as opposed to learning. I feel that we can have both rigor and wellness through STEM style teaching practices. I would love to get feedback on my Collaborative Tinkering Toolkit and hear how others are dealing with the challenges of shifting cultures, rigor and wellness in their institutions.