Saint Ignatius College Prep

Research shows that women cited a lack of role models as a significant reason for leaving the fields of physics, chemistry, electrical engineering, and computer science. Roni Ellington, TEDx Speaker from Baltimore, said she “[struggled to get support with her STEM identity and STEM agency]” until she “had the opportunity to engage in rigorous STEM education” and then she started “to see herself differently.” My idea is to address this gap in STEM with a hands- on event for students called STEAM ComicCon — It’s an idea I submitted through the Teacher’s Guild which was then voted up as a top Favorite!The event’s purpose would be to leverage STEAM super(s)heroes in order to inspire all kids, particularly girls and students of color, to find their own STEAM identities and curiosities! Using an un-conference model there would be hands on workshops, playgrounds and panel shares to excite and engage students in STEAM concepts beyond the textbook. Let’s debunk the myth that only “geeks” and “smarty pants” are capable of pursuing their STEM curiosities and apply them to the real world! As Ellington would say, kids, regardless of “what neighborhood they grew up in” should get support to find their STEAM identity and STEAM agency. STEAM ComicCon would give kids the chance to get in contact with these Stealthy Scientists! Mighty Techies, Cosmic Coders, Makery Mathematicians, Lightning Bolt Engineers! STEAM ComicCon would ignite the super (s)hero in all of us!