EnCorps STEM Teachers

STEM professionals, when thoroughly prepared, are uniquely positioned to meaningfully utilize their talent and real-world expertise as EnCorps STEM Teachers to deliver an authentic, rigorous, and relevant STEM education to the students who need it most. This session will focus on the selection of and professional development for career-changing STEM professionals into teaching.

Maricopa County Education Service Agency

Equipping school leaders with strategies, tools, and resources to advocate for STEM is critical. This session will share how the development of a STEM Leadership Series has assisted a group of Arizona educators to define their vision, develop a theory of action, set benchmarks, and gauge progress- activities which they report as leading to increased implementation and accountability with STEM integration at their sites. The presentation will describe the process for developing a cohort during which leaders can engage in collaborative learning and share best practices and resources to support increased opportunities for teachers to engage with STEM content and industry.