Maricopa County Education Service Agency

In order for students to perceive themselves as future STEM professionals and persevere in rigorous STEM courses, they must develop a STEM identity. MCESA in collaboration with multiple Arizona 100kin10 partners is supporting science educators in redesigning classroom experiences to address factors identified by research that contribute to STEM identity development. The Engineering STEM Identity (ESI) program utilizes video-conference interactions with STEM Professionals who become STEM Role Models for middle school classrooms and engages students in STEM authentic project-based learning using the Engineering Design Process. The STEM Professionals act as consultants and support both students and teachers in solving a school or community need. Research factors support the model in developing STEM Identity for middle school students.


STEMteachersNYC has demonstrated that workshops developed and led by teachers are both an effective and practical method for ongoing & sustainable professional development. With encouragement and administrative support, teachers can plan, organize and deliver workshops that attract and inspire other teachers. Local, grassroots organizations by teachers, for teachers, and about teaching are changing the PD game and motivating public, charter, & private school teachers across an entire metropolitan area.